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That Is One Big-Ass Truck

November 30, 2008

Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage. Seems like a reasonable biznass plan to me.

Thanks Mojo.


Splash Mountain, et al.

November 29, 2008

You know how on some newer roller coasters you get your picture taken when you least expect it?  Well most of the time they are boring pictures of you that seem funny at the time.  There are some, however, that are able to stand the test of time, remaining hilarious for all of eternity.  These are a few of those pictures. They are all gold, so be sure to visit the link.  Still, as always, I’ve picked a few choice examples.

Thanks Eric. (BTW, if anyone is clicking over to Eric’s site and desperately searching for where these links are coming from, don’t bother.  I receive them over AIM in a format that goes something like, “dude.  lol.  link. I can’t stop loling. so good.”)

Idiot With a Giant Spring

November 28, 2008

Have you ever been up late at night watching infomercials and thought, “Hey, I could make one of these.”  Well, before you fire up that camcorder, you should probably watch this.

Cute Videos

November 27, 2008

I’m going to admit that because I’m currently traveling for Thanksgiving I don’t have quite as much time to scour the net for lulz. Because of that, I’m going with some particularly cute videos today. I’ll be back in full form tomorrow.

Queenie Is In Trouble!

November 26, 2008

Did you ever want to see what it would be like if dogs walked upright, wore people clothes, and tried to rape other similarly dressed dogs?  Yeah, neither did I.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks Matt W. for the link.


November 25, 2008

Doo doo do do do…

Get Down On You?

November 24, 2008

I have no idea if this is for real or not, but I really really really hope it is.

Update: They’re for real. This makes me so happy.

Beat-Boxing Skills

November 23, 2008

One of my favorite things to watch on the internet are people who think that they are great at something, when, in fact, they aren’t. I know that sounds horrible, but it is usually the confidence that justifies the laughing. If someone half-asses it, you always get that “I was just fooling around” vibe. However, a ninja scoffing at the camera before knocking himself out attempting a full backflip… that is funny. It’s that commitment that really elevates the whole ordeal.

On that note I give you the worst beat-boxer ever.

Thanks Eric.

Best. Idea. Ever.

November 22, 2008

“We’ve done the math, calculated the trajectories, accounted for wind resistance.  The physics are perfect.  This human basketball hoop catapult will launch you over the house and onto the air mattress on the other side.”


November 21, 2008

Sometimes I run across a short funny video that I really enjoy, but think it might be a bit insignificant to use for a full post.  Still, I bookmark it and move on.  Today I’ve decided to post a bunch of the lesser lulz I’ve accumulated.  Enjoy.