Go To Hell Chip. We Need A Catchy Towel Tune.

This is Microsoft’s new infomercial for a music creation tool, complete with a “happy” slider to cheer up all you emo pratts out there.

My advice for your next ad, MS: if you are so keen on hitting that huge jingle-writer demographic, try to get John Stamos and Dave Coulier to be in the next ad. I seem to remember those guys needing help getting their pancake jingle off the ground. They may have figured that one out by the end of the episode, though.


If you missed it the first time, be sure to note Chip’s amazement at exactly the 3:15 mark.

Thanks Eric.


3 Responses to “Go To Hell Chip. We Need A Catchy Towel Tune.”

  1. BenCox Says:

    I think I like that the main guy is married to his mom.

  2. admin Says:

    I don’t think I’m following, Ben.

  3. BenCox Says:

    The guy looks 28, the wife looks 45.

    And 3:15 is the best second ever.

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