Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Dreams

Okay, this isn’t my one post for the day.  This is a bonus from a conversation I just had over AIM.

Eric: I forgot to tell you, I had a dream that I found a funny video and so I showed it to you and we sat and watched the whole thing and while we were watching it, it wasn’t as funny as I had thought and it got to the end I was like, “that wasn’t very funny” and I felt all bad.

Take heed, readers: I am a harsh critic of what is funny. Watch everything twice before sending it to me.


One Response to “Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Dreams”

  1. Eric Lim | Blog Archive | 89 Says:

    […] back to funny stuff, I did have a dream where I thought I saw a funny video on the internet, but when I showed it to a friend it turned out to be …. Is it bad that I have dreams about the internet? Maybe tonight I’ll dream about getting into […]

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