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On A Personal Note…

February 28, 2009

So, I’d mentioned that I was in a sketch comedy group. We’re called The Grapes of Laugh, and while I’m very proud of what we do, I’m terribly embarrassed to show it to my friends. I know you are all out to judge me. Still, since I’m running a bit low on content to fill up this vacation weekend, I’m featuring a sketch I wrote and performed in (along with fellow Grapes).

For your enjoyment, I present Homo Insurance.


Heat Wave

February 27, 2009

Anything passes for comedy in Haiti.

Dad Just Wants To Help

February 26, 2009

Note to self: when making a soccer video for youtube, lock the door to keep out dancing fathers.

Alternative Back To The Future Ending

February 25, 2009

First up, I’m out of town until Monday and leaving my computer behind, so until then the site will continue to update, but it is on autopilot. If I miss out on any particularly major videos, now you know why. Now, on with the show…

I Told You Time and Space Were Part of the Same Continuum!

You’re probably just happy it wasn’t a Parkinson’s joke.

One More Time With Feeling…

February 25, 2009

And one more Grapes of Laugh video before I return home from my sebatical. This is another one I wrote called Adopted/Kidnapped.

It’s a bit dark.

This Kid Is Better Than You Will Ever Be

February 24, 2009

If I ever start a band, I’m getting this kid to make the official video for my first single.

Trust me, you’ll want to keep watching this until the end. He starts driving.

POV of a Hot Girl

February 23, 2009

Yes, I know there has been a dirge of College Humor videos lately, but when they’re on, they’re on.  Also, as someone that does sketch comedy, I’m kinda jealous of everyone that works there.  Oh, had I never mentioned that I do sketch?  Hmmmm….


Pee Prank

February 22, 2009

I never thought the warm water trick would actually work.

80% of Roommates Got So Drunk Last Night

February 21, 2009

After some internet scouring, I found this one from The Onion that I seemed to have missed the first time it passed through the internets. “Miss? How could he miss an internet video?” is what you’re probably asking right about now. I don’t know either. Maybe it dropped one week where I was actually trying to be productive.

P.S. Haha, gotcha! I’m never productive.

Internet, Be Funnier

February 20, 2009

Truth be told, this is a dry weekend. I’ve been struggling the last couple days to find new hilarious stuff on the internet.  In the name of keeping everything moving along, I’m throwing you back to one of my favorite internet videos ever.  I meant to post it on Presidents’ Day, but forgot.  For those unfamiliar, I give you The George Washington Rap!