Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat

How do you make humiliating videos better?  You combine them with a cat.

Okay, so I missed this train.  When CNN beats me to a funny video I usually just pretend that I’d already seen it a few years ago and got bored of it already, but I can’t ignore this one(s).  Eric filled me in while I was in a coffee shop.  I proceeded to cause a scene with my uncontrollable laughter.  The formula goes like this: You take a video of someone failing, then the Keyboard Cat plays them off at the end.  Simple.  Effective.  Brilliant.  Examples.

Keyboard Cat always waits for just the right moment!

One of the best things about Keyboard Cat is that he takes videos that would normally be quite horrifying and in bad taste and makes them pure brilliance.

Old videos are new again!

And Keyboard Cat pays virtually no heed to the law of diminishing returns!

And here is the CNN report that tries to explain why this is funny, but fails (and brings to light a horrible depressing truth about Keyboard Cat). Keyboard cat should play off CNN.

For all of your Keyboard Cat needs, head over to It’s a long domain name, but I doubt you’ll forget it.


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