Time To Save The Future

This post is going to be a bit non-traditional for the site. Most of you won’t read the entirety of this link. In fact, I doubt anyone will, but I’m posting it anyway because it is one of the most hilariously epic things I’ve read in a long time. If even one of you reads this, it will be worth having posted. Still, I must warn you that it took me over an hour to read it all. I didn’t even intend to read it all, but after ten minutes in I was hooked.

So here is the link: The Future Shock.

It is the story of the most epic prank in the history of prankdom. It spanned three years and the main subject of the prank was someone unknown to the prankers. Early on, it is clear that the prankee is an amazingly good sport, and that makes all the difference. I don’t want to talk about it any further, for fear of spoiling it. I’m just saying, if you have the time, give this amazing true story a read.

And don’t skip the comic book that comes later in the story! It is amazing.

Thanks Eric.


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