Negligent Behavior

This is a bit like a state of the union for WTF is a LOL.  I know I’ve been slacking off as of late, but I just want to assure all the regular readers that it’s only temporary.  I’ve been apartment hunting, doing actual work related activites and even some paid freelance stuff for the last two weeks.  As soon as I get my new place to live nailed down, I’ll be a bit better about the regular updates.  For now, I’m going to try my best.   The one year anniversary for the site is coming up in a couple days and I’ve got a huge image dump ready to go.   Also be sure to go back a few pages to see all of the new stuff.  Even though I may be late on some of the days, I still am sure to post something for each of those days when I do catch back up.   WTF!


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